How to care for your new bra

Every day at The Bra Patch, women ask for advice on how to care for their new bra. Proper care will ensure that the great fit you walk out of the store with will last more than just a couple months. The first, and most important, steps are hand washing and air drying.

Hand washing in cool water with a mild detergent saves the underwire from being twisted and bent by the agitator or other clothes in the washing machine. If you wear a no wire bra, washing in the machine is fine, just be sure to use a lingerie bag which keep your bra from getting snagged on other items. And of course, when washing is done, AIR DRY! Nothing is harder on a wire and the elastic band than the tumbling and heat of a dryer.

The next step is storage. Moulded (lined bras) should typically not be folded inside themselves. This will cause your cup to wear out faster and potentially crease. Laying the bras one on top of the other in a drawer or hanging them is best. When traveling you can fold them, just be sure to put something (such as a small article of folded clothing) in the cup so that your bra doesn’t flatten out.

The last thing to keep in mind is how often you wear your bra. Finding the perfect fit is not always easy, so when we come across a comfortable, supportive bra it is hard not to wear it every day. The elastic band of your bra needs time to rest in order to not wear out quickly. Try not to wear the same bra more than 2 days in a row and don’t go more than 4-5 wears between washings. You don’t need a ton of bras to do this; even having 2 to choose from will increase the wear. And remember, the life of a bra is 6-9 months, with fittings needed after significant weight gain/loss or once a year.

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