Bra-Sized Swimwear Finally, a Swimwear Top Designed for Your Body!

Many top bra manufacturers have begun making swimwear tops in bra sizes, which means that women of all shapes and sizes can now find swimwear which is both supportive and flattering here at the Bra Patch. We are pleased to provide the most extensive selection bra-sized swimwear available in the entire Triangle region.

Tired of Ill-Fitting Swimwear?
Come to the Bra Patch in Raleigh for Our Extensive Selection of Bra-Sized Swimwear

Most women who have trouble finding swimwear that fits them properly fit into one of these three categories:

  • The Plus-Sized Woman – These women have previously had virtually no good options aside from wearing a one-piece all the time. Now, with specialized swim bras, these women can enjoy the support of a real bra with many more gorgeous style options in their choice of tankini tops and multiple different styles and colors of bottoms.
  • The Average-Sized Woman with a Fuller Cup – These women do not find a proper amount of support in traditional swim tops. Now, swimwear is being manufactured with underwire cups much like real bras, and these new tops are beautiful, fashionable, and come in one piece, two piece, and tankini options.
  • The Smaller-Framed Woman with a Fuller Cup – Generally, these women are younger and have a very small torso, making it very difficult to find a properly-fitting, age-appropriate swim top. We now offer plenty of cute, hip styles in bra-sized swimwear tops that will satisfy any young woman.

As with our bras, our staff has a vast amount of experience with all of our products, enabling them to help you find bra-sized swimwear tops that fit you perfectly, give you the support you need, and let you flaunt it at the beach or by the pool this summer. Get rid of those old, boring, ill-fitting, or unattractive tops and come to the Bra Patch for all of your swimwear needs!

Call us at 919-876-8677, contact us, or visit our store today to learn more about the fine products we carry and the experienced, professional services we offer!

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